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Monthly Archives: November 2018

2018 “Camp Fire”, Smoke on the Sonoma Coast

My heart and thoughts go out to all of the people effected by the devastating wildfire raging outside of Paradise, CA as well as the other fires in progress throughout the state.  Thank you to the dedicated wildland firefighters and other personnel working to halt the blazes’ progress and aid those in need.  I have posted some pictures from Duncans Mills (222 driving miles from Paradise) and Duncans Cove on the coast (248 driving miles from Paradise) as evidence of the heavy smoke that has been blanketing our area since Thursday.  All of the images were created on November 8  & 9.  The color and haze are not edited, but appear as the camera saw them.  The image from November 8 was captured at 1:21 PM and the pictures and video from November 9 were taken between 9:36 and 9:54 AM.

Sienkiewicz-Camp Fire smoke-11.9.18-1

2018 “Camp Fire” Smoke over the Sonoma Coast