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Hawaii – a collection of prints

I thought I would post a small group of gelatin silver prints that I have made recently. All of the pictures are from my trip to the big island of Hawaii in the summer of 2012 and while there are many images left to be enlarged and printed, I felt that this humble survey of the photographs would be interesting enough to dedicate a post to. The island was magnificent as you can imagine and the reason we chose to visit only the largest of the Sandwich Islands was due to the more natural and less developed character of the landscape. The diversity of climates and environments was astounding and while most people are familiar with the more arid Kona coast, we were installed on the Hilo side of the island which receives well over 100 inches of precipitation annually.

Volcanic Landscape and Coast
Sea Tortoise, Hawaii
Papaya Trees, Hawaii
Alicia-Lanai, Hawaii
Volcano National Park, Hawaii
Trees, Kapoho, HawaiiHawaii Sea Caves

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