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“Path to Nowhere”-A Lost and Found Collage

I was recently sorting through my archive of prints and during this substantial undertaking I discovered a collage from years back that I had completely forgotten about. I knew I had another, larger work on paper that had been shuffled away some time ago as well, but upon finding this smaller work on cardboard I was delighted, as it was the last collage I produced for my series City of Industry. This was the final image created for that project and it ironically dates back to May 2008, exactly five years past.

At the time I had created dozens of finished pieces for my industrial body of work and felt that I needed to shift gears and move back into traditional photography, evidenced by the advent of my 8 x 10″ wildfire project The West Is Burning. I didn’t resolve to abandon the former medium permanently, just for the immediate future. One might read into the title of “Path to Nowhere” as a metaphor for where I seemed to be going with mixed media at that time, but the name of the work actually refers to the clearly defined iconography present in the picture.

Jim Sienkiewicz

Jim Sienkiewicz

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