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Monthly Archives: July 2012

The Legend of Manure Man

Oh, here comes the story of the Manure Man
Who said hell to the county and their terrible plan
Our river’s not your toilet, not now, not ever
Development be damned, this action must sever
His Legend arose when he delivered a hit
To four busy blocks, fresh paved with bullshit
Not the kind normally found around city hall
But a load and a tale that came to be quite tall
I’d love to see them wade in this piss they spew
Which they flagrantly dump towards our towns out of view
A tractor I think will do the job right
And I’ll travel and work while their mouths rest at night
Now tomorrow they’ll notice, when they lift up their shoes
How this is our life, not theirs to abuse
Lynch was his name, talk not his game
But action by one a success all the same
So remember the moral of the Manure Man
His injustice avenged, we could all take a stand
And hell to Saint Rose, at least her town on this day
It’ll be two weeks from Tuesday before the reek goes away.

(Based on a true incident involving toxic dumping in the Russian River under the supervision of Santa Rosa officials)