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Wrenched From the Land

This past year one of my images was featured in an excellent compilation of essays about famed environmentalist author Edward Abbey, published by the University of New Mexico press. Filmmaker ML Lincoln used my portrait of Derrick Jensen as part of her written companion to her 2015 documentary on Abbey, Wrenched.

2019 Russian River Flooding

It has been about a month since we had to evacuate our town due to the massive flooding on the river and I thought I would post some images of the clean up.  Our house was fine thankfully but we took in about two feet of water in a storage shed that held many of my collages amongst other items.  Several pieces were destroyed and you can see from some of these pictures the damage sustained in our area.


Mudslide at the top of our street which washed away the already steep hillside


Our ruined items curbside


Water and mold damage to my collage Colossus

Driving through Downtown Monte Rio and viewing the debris piles one week after flooding

Surveying the damage to items on our property

2018 “Camp Fire”, Smoke on the Sonoma Coast

My heart and thoughts go out to all of the people effected by the devastating wildfire raging outside of Paradise, CA as well as the other fires in progress throughout the state.  Thank you to the dedicated wildland firefighters and other personnel working to halt the blazes’ progress and aid those in need.  I have posted some pictures from Duncans Mills (222 driving miles from Paradise) and Duncans Cove on the coast (248 driving miles from Paradise) as evidence of the heavy smoke that has been blanketing our area since Thursday.  All of the images were created on November 8  & 9.  The color and haze are not edited, but appear as the camera saw them.  The image from November 8 was captured at 1:21 PM and the pictures and video from November 9 were taken between 9:36 and 9:54 AM.

Sienkiewicz-Camp Fire smoke-11.9.18-1

2018 “Camp Fire” Smoke over the Sonoma Coast

“Auto-Didactic” at the Peterson Automotive Museum

“City of Industry”

Academy of Art commercial

My former MFA photography student Santosh Korthiwada was recently featured in a commercial for the school.  Footage from my Fall 2017 Concept & Critical Processes class is included in the video and I can be seen beginning around 1:55 into the clip.  Congrats Santosh!

Academy of Art commercial featuring Jim Sienkiewicz

ACASA 17th Triennial on African Art, University of Legon, Accra, Ghana

Hi everyone,

I got back from Ghana last week and my first experience in Africa was amazing.  Everyone at the conference and all of the locals were extremely friendly and my paper was received well at the symposium.  Here are some pictures from this wonderful trip!

pw_ghana 01

Photo by Paul Weinberg

“NonBinary Review” #13

“Religion & Conflict” conference at Florida State University

I recently traveled to Tallahassee to deliver a paper for a graduate conference on “Religion & Conflict”.  Here is a link to my discussion of the event as posted on the Center for Art and Religion at the Graduate Theological Union’s blog.

CARE blog/”Religion & Conflict”

“Thoughtful Dog” magazine, Derrick Jensen

“Thoughtful Dog”-Jim Sienkiewicz, Derrick Jensen

Some of my photography was just featured in an online literary magazine. Check it out if you have the chance.